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The human mind is a very crowded and busy place. Here are a few exercises to clear the mind and make it more open to the Lord and Lady. Do these before a spell and you may improve results and help focus your energy.

Relax, deepen, and protect yourself. (Use some visual metaphor to keep part of you in this plane of existence.) Now, go into a meadow. Easily float down or simply find yourself in a meadow, alone on a warm summer day. A gentle breeze is blowing and you walk through the meadow enjoying the warmth of the sun and the breezes on your body. Feel the grass brushing against your legs and smell the honeysuckle and the clover. Hear the song of the birds and feel a sence of oneness, a unity with all that is.
AFter walking a while, you come now to a lake, a small, quiet lake. Resting by the lake you gaze across the clear, blue water. And there in the water you see reflected an image, your face, your image mirrored in that lake. As you watch your reflection begins to move and change. And each movement, each subtle change suggests another dimension of your personality, another aspect of you, the you that existed before the you that now has your name. Watch the changing reflections. Watch and learn. Each change is but a part of you. (Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.)

And now become aware of your voice, calling you back from the lake, back through the meadow. Return easily to this world, bringing with you a new awareness of yourself and your many dimensions. Return wide-awake and filled with energy. Open your eyes and stretch your body.

Tidal Pools

Relax, deepen, and protect yourself. As you move deeper and deeper, letting yourself be carried very deeply into the realm of intuitions, images and imagination, come to a deserted beach and begin tracing your name in the sand and watching the waves wash it away until you have been carried as deep as you wish. (Do this for about 2 minutes.)

Still on that lovely, sunny beach you begin to wander slowly along the jagged shoreline, listening to the sound of the waves washing against the sand, smelling the salty sea air, hearing the cry of a gull and feeling the warmth of the sun n your body, aware of a growing sense of serenity and peace, a knowledge that all is one and you are one with all that is. (Do this for about 1 minute.)

Now you come to rest beside a beautiful tide pool. Here the water is very shallow and very still. You watch the coral and the lovely sea anemones.

As you lean closer to the pool you see reflected there an image of yourself, a self that has many dimensions, a self that can be loving and kind, hateful and cruel, caring and indifferent, angry and peaceful, joyous and sad, weak and strong. Here in this space out of time you see yourself reflected and the reflection mirrors all that is you. (Watch for about 2 minutes.)

Looking closer you begin to focus on your limitations, your weaknesses. You see the attitudes and behaviors you would like to change. You see where your energy is blocked, places where you are hurt and scared, lonely and sad. You notice and accept all of this, secure in the knowledge that you are a strong person. (Do this for about 2 minutes.)

Now reach into the water and begin splashing, harder and harder. As you splash the negative images are dissolving, dissolving.

Now the water is still once again, crystal clear and very still. Once again you lean over the pool and see your reflection. Mirrored there are all your strengths. See the areas where your energy flows clearly and uninterruptedly. See your skills and sensitivities, your joys and successes. See those attitudes and behaviors that are rewarding and bring you peace and contentment. See the ways that you wish to be and you are, simply by your intentions. (Do this for about 2 minutes.)

Now to your surprise the pool has grown deeper and larger, so deep that you are able to dive right in, and that is what you do. Dive into the pool and merge with your powerful self, knowing that this is your power, the power to create, the power to imagine. The imagination is the Goddess essence flowing through you. (Swim and merge for about 2 minutes.)

Now, merged with your powerful self, rise up out of the water, out of the trance and return awake and refreshed to your waking reality. Open your eyes and stretch your body.

* This information from "Mind Clearing Exercises" *