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Wiccans absolutely do not worship Satan. "Satan" or "The Devil" is a Christian concept. No one knows if they believed this because the concept of God is often shown with horns, or if Christians of the day decided to make their concept of evil so similar specifically so that people would believe it. The only one who would know would be someone who was there. The fact is; however, that the Lady does have horns in most mythology. Satan is "evil", but the Great Horned God is NOT! Wiccans don't believe in "evil", really. They believe in the light side and the dark side. Satanists do exist, but Satanism is not another term for Wicca or Witchcraft.
Wiccan is not opposite from Christianity. They're different, but not completely opposite. Many things are the same! There is no renouncing of Christ at initiation into Wicca; there is no crusade against Christianity! At the most, there's only feeling. Many Witches dislike Christians because hostile Christians were responsible for Witches being persecuted in the "Burning Times".

I understand that Christians often feel that they need to spread their words and feel that there is only one "truth," but we still believe all paths lead to Summerland (generally) and shouldn't be attacking Christians. Just as it's not basic Christian practice to burn Witches, it is not our basic practice to harass Christians to do anything but let them be.

The pentagram is not the symbol of Satan. Pentagrams are 5 pointed stars, and each point represents one of the four elements and the "spirit". It shows the interlocking nature of all five elements (the spirit includes the God and Goddess). Satanists use it upside-down to show the reversal of the symbol; putting the earthly values above the importance of spirit. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! THEY REPRESENT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!

Witches sometime dance skyclad (nude), but most of witches practice indoors and by themselves. Fire is often present, but it is there because it represents one of the elements. And no, there isn't a big sex orgy after every one, either.

Female Wiccans are not witches, and male Wiccans are not Warlocks. We're all witches. There are no division lines seperating us! The word "warlock" is generally considered offensive! It's a Celtic word meaning "traitor."

Witchcraft is not a cult. It is a religion. Its nothing like a cult, and the definition explains it. A cult usually focus around the fanatical worship of a central figure, hide away from the outside world and just live with each other to try not to be bothered. Christians have been called more of a cult than Wiccans, but neither religion fits the description.

Wiccans do not believe in sacrificing!!! Our entire LAW is "harm none"! Sometimes sacrificing is made such as burying part of a meal or burning something symbolic to sacrificing, but no one (including animals) are ever hurt. Sacrificing and any harm to anything or anyone is strictly against Wiccan religion.