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Facts every Wiccan should know...

1. The Wiccan Rede:  "An it harm none do what thou wilt". That means you can do whatever you want as long as it does not hurt anyone or anything.
2. The two deities that were most important to early people were the Goddess of Fertility and the God of the Hunt.
3. "'Sympathetic' magic relies on the basis of similar things having similar effects. Therefore, if a tribe could successfull hunt down and 'kill' a model of an animal, their hunt would be likewise successful." *
4. Pope Gregory built the Christian churches on Pagan Holy sites because he believed that the people were so used to congregating there that they would continue to do so.
5. "Jack o' the Green" was a name given to the foliate masks, or carvings, which represented the God.
6. "The Witches Hammer" otherwise known as "Malleus Maleficarum" detailed how to discover and interrogate witches. Two German monks; Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger created it.
7. The anthropologist/Egyptologist who advanced the theory that Witchcraft was an organized religion was Margaret Murray.
8. The last law against Witchcraft in Britian was repealed in 1951.
9. The first Witch to speak up for the Craft in England was Gerald Gardner. The first Witch to speak up for the Craft in America was Raymoind Buckland.
10. Witches' only animosity towards Christianity, or towards any other religion or philosophy is when they claim to be "the one and only true religion".
11. You do not need to be part of a coven to work a spell. You do not even have to be a Witch to use Magick.
12. The 3 essentials of Magick are timing, feeling, and cleanliness. (This includes physical and spiritual body).
13. At one point in time, Christians believed in reincarnation, it stopped in 553c.e. (common era).
14. Always enter the ritual circle from the east.
15. The athame can be any legnth.
16. You can use any knife for the athame as long as something of you goes into it.
17. Store bought and previously owned knives must be altered before they can be used.
18. The athame can substitute for the sword in any ceremony.
19. The central theme of initiation into the Craft is rebirth or PALINGENESIS.
20. The general pattern of initiation is: separation; cleansing; symbolic death; new knowledge; and rebirth.
* If you understood number three, please translate and e-mail me! Thanks!

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